Friday, January 20, 2012

Reilly's Chair

 One of Reilly's Christmas presents from Mima and Poppy was this beautiful little chair.  She absolutely loves it.   She now has a place to call her own, a place to watch Elmo, a place to sit with her Elmo and Abby dolls.  She loves to take her little "coffee" cup from her kitchen set, with a spoon, and sit in her chair stirring her pretend coffee and sipping it.  I swear, I don't know where she gets this stuff. ;)

Here she is, putting it to use right away, using it as her throne of present-opening only minutes after she got it.

Here she is getting her new favorite boots, from her Aunt Mimi who not only insisted that she have them, but insisted that her Mommy have a matching pair.  (Everyone should have an Aunt Mimi!)

Another favorite pastime of Reilly's is to sit in her chair, and text her peeps.

 Just kidding, that's Mimi's phone.  But how hilarious that she is sitting like that!!

 Here she is catching up on some of her reading.  The best part was, everyone was in the kitchen and she just sat here for the longest time just "reading" and turning the pages, and muttering to herself.

 As if the chair weren't cute enough, let's just put her chunky little stockinged legs in Mary Janes, and then sit her in the chair!  Ugh, I love her.

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  1. Ok, a. I want that chair, I think it is so cute!!! and b. I want an auntie mimi!!! those Uggs are amazing and I want a pair for me and Maddie!! :)