Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snow Angel

Of course we had snow last year, and a freak storm in October that lasted only about 13 hours and then it melted...but this was Reilly's first real experience with snow!  Where she saw it falling and got all excited and yelling, "Oh boy! SNOW!"  Just WAIT until there is a weekday storm and she realizes that snow also means DADDY STAYS HOME!  That will officially be the highlight of her life.

But for now, she was completely enthralled with the cold cold snow, and how it felt when it sprayed her in the face.  She picked some up with her mittens as soon as we got outside, and then immediately started wiping her mittens off saying "Ew, Ew, yucky, gross!"  She must of thought it was like dirt or sand, which we always shake off our hands.  She was hysterical laughing as she did it, because the snow then sprayed her in the face and got stuck in her eyelashes.

Here she is, getting a kick out of herself and the coldness of the snow in general.

Here she is shake-shake-shaking off her mittens!

Here is she and Daddy..look at her hilarious sideways smile!

Sledding with Daddy!  Mommy remained photographer, since I felt sledding + toddler + ice on a hill + 8 months pregnant would not make for a good combination.

This one cracks me up, because Brett was stopping them and they were getting sprayed with snow, and they made the same face. :)

Cuties giving snow kisses!!

Daddy helped Reilly get some snow off of her mittens.  She thought this was the funniest thing ever.

The full snowsuit!  How hilarious does she look - like a little marshmalllow!

Giving Mommy some kisses on our stroll.

Big doe eyes babygirl!

This is how Reilly preferred to sled on our walk to the mailboxes.

I just love these pictures of her in the snow!  She was a funny little snow bunny, totally in love with her new ice playground.  We went inside and had hot chocolate together, as she tried to eat the snow remnants that followed us inside.  I actually remember doing this as a child, and couldn't help but laugh at the common kiddie instincts!

Well, that was a fun snow storm!  Spring, you can come now and give Daddy a millions days off at Easter.  Thank you!

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  1. do you still have that snowsuit?
    I gues she now grown out of it.