Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Little Parrot

 So even though it's chilly outside, it is already spring in our hearts!  Reilly is rocking her flowers everyday, and her cute green corduroys from her cousins, so I took the change to snap some pictures of her sweetness.

 And just as she was swinging her arms and clapping and being adorable, my memory card was full.  So as I deleted some pictures, and literally said "Grrrr." and growled while I was deleting.

And wouldn't you know that my little parrot thought that was just hilarious, and growled just like her mommy.  Good thing I was quick with the camera to catch this face!

Also a good thing that Mommy has learned to do things such as growl or say "Darn" when she's angry, otherwise we'd have a little angel with a quite a colorful vocabulary!

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