Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Baby is Coming!!

 Okay, so I posted recently about how I hit 30 weeks and had a semi-freak-out that the baby is coming and have been revamping the house inch by inch since then.  We're making progress, things are coming together, we are 8 weeks away from the due date.  Which, as some may remember, I refer to as "6 to 8 weeks" because Reilly was 2 weeks early, and I've been so convinced that this baby will be too.

And then we had our last sonogram yesterday.

And they told us that they baby is measuring at 34 weeks.  WHAT!  34 weeks!! But I'm 32 weeks..that means the baby will either be huge, or 2 WEEKS EARLY!!  Now, some may think that this did not come as a shock to me, since I've been saying it my whole pregnancy.  And yet, here I am, in shock.  That baby is pretty much announcing his/her arrival in 6 short weeks.  Goodness sakes, the excitement!!

 People ask me where I'm hiding the baby, because I just have the ball sticking way out in front.  But let me tell you, this baby is taking up every since inch of my abdomen. I feel every movement, and barely have an appetite anymore because I just always feel so full!  Full, and thirsty.

So we are psyched over here.  And we need another sonogram, since the baby has such a crazy growth spurt, to keep a closer eye on when the little munchkin will be on it's way.  Lots of praying in the coming weeks for a smooth labor and healthy little one!

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! So exciting!!
    Definitely praying!!!

    I agree, I'm like 10 weeks behind you but I think I look like I'm the same size!!

    So excited for you!!