Thursday, January 19, 2012


 Reilly is very into counting lately.  I've been encouraging her to count different things, and teaching her how to use her finger to point and count.  We are working on assigning numbers to different items, counting things in books, counting all the time!  I'm a word person, so letters and writing are important to me.  But the numbers we've been working on to be sure to foster her math skills for Daddy.  :)

The other day I went into the car, and Hubby was in the driver's seat talking with Reilly.  He was teaching her basic addition.  I'm actually not kidding. It was quite funny, she was babbling away, "One plus two equals three!"

(We were nursing a cold on this day...can you tell by her sad little sniffle face?)

The funniest part about her counting, is that she almost always skips certain numbers.  If we go back and forth counting together, she knows all of them to eleven.  But when she is counting by herself, she says "One, two, three, four, five, seven, eight, nine, eleven, fourteen, EIGHTEEN!!"  She gets very excited about the fourteen and eighteen.

I loved when she was a newborn, I loved holding her and breastfeeding her and cuddling her.  I never wanted to her get bigger, or grow out of her frilly socks, or eat solid food.  But now that she has done these things, I think I'm more in love with watching her grow.  Today we were reading, and she was cuddled in next to me, laughing when I used silly voices and imitating me.  Then every so often, she would squeeze her cheek next to mine and hold my face with her little hand, and then turn and kiss my cheek.  I'll take that feeling, of her sweetness and love, for growing out of her frilly socks. Because instead of wondering the person that she'll become, I'm watching it.  And I love the little person she is becoming more every day.

Plus, the countdown is on for another little one to cuddle and breastfeed!!  Reilly will surely be on long division by then.  Ha.

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