Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chalk It Up to Nesting

I have been loving chalkboard lately.  I made some new signs that I'm selling that include chalkboard, I have chalkboard on my cereal containers for labeling our cereals, and I recently did some chalkboard on plastic bins in our linen closet for our different medicines and toiletries.

So with my chalkboard paint lying around so readily available, and my nesting setting in at full force, my kitchen was begging to be chalkboard painted. So during nap time the other day, I went to town on our pantry cabinets.

I love the way it looks with our gray cabinets and white walls.  The paint supposedly needs 2 hours to dry, 4 hours to do a second coat.  But I take liberties with paint.  I think I did the second coat after 2 hours, because it was totally dry after 1.  I have very little patience with paint drying, surprisingly.

 I saw the picture-framed-with-chalk-on-the-chalkboard idea on another blog...love the fun way to display a beautiful photo (thank you Gina Lenz!).

It did not take Reilly long to figure out that we could color on this wall!  She took the chalk and made one line, and then looked at me and started giggling.  The bottom half will be for her "byew-full" artwork.  Speaking of beautiful, her new favorite activity it to play dress up in our hat/gloves/scarf basket by the door.  Here she was sporting some of mommy's garments.

I love mixing things up around the house!  And this new little project is like and ever-changing piece of art - so many ideas for holidays and things!  

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  1. Love it! I've been wanting to paint some surface in our home with chalkboard paint for a while but I haven't gotten around to buying any. Must put this on my to do list.