Monday, January 23, 2012

Football Dames!

Hieee everyone!  This is Reilly.  Yesterday was a very exciting football dame!

 See, what happened is, the 49ers is my Daddy's favorite team.  He never gets to see them on the TV though, because they play far away.  Our whole family always cheers for the Giants, because see,  my Mommy is from New York, and so all my New York aunts and uncles and Mima and Poppa LOVE the Giants.  They love them as much as I love ELMO!

So we always have so much fun cheering for the Giants!  But yesterday,  the Giants were playing against the 49ers!  It was so exciting, because it was for the ABC Championship Dame!

Mommy:  Um, Reilly Baby?

Yes Mommy?

Mommy:  It's the NFC Championship Game.  You were very close, though!

Yes, NFC.  That's what I said Mommy. 

So at first, I was so excited that both teams were winning and doing so good!

But then I realized, one team had to win, and one had to lose!  Then, I didn't know what to do!  Who do I cheer for??

But Mommy and Daddy said it's okay to like both teams!  So Mommy made me a 49ers shirt to match Daddy's and I wore it with my Giant skirt.  I was so glad that my outfit still kind of matched even.  Cute, huh?

So, the 49ers lost, which meant Daddy was a little sad.  But he was all better when I gave him huggies!  But that means that the Giants won, which means they are going to the Cereal Bowl!!  I am very excited about that!

Mommy:   Excuse me, Reilly?

Yes, Mommy?

Mommy: You're cute. 

Thank you Mommy!

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