Friday, January 13, 2012

Things She Says

And now we are back for this weeks edition of Things Reilly Says.  A particularly funny edition, if I do say so myself.

She is very into "helping" lately, and she loves being my helper.  Her new phrase is "Here you go!" (Hee ya doe!).  The other day when we took the tree down, she picked up ever speck and pine needle off the carpet and brought it to me and said "Here you go! Helper."

When asked if she thinks she is going to have a sister or brother, she says "Sissah."  When asked if she thinks it's going to be a boy or a girl, she says "Puppy."  Hm.

I was giving her banana for breakfast, and only give her a little at a time so she doesn't waste it.  I was painting while she was eating.  We had this conversation:
Reilly: "More, please."
Me: "Very polite girl!  Wait just one minute."
Reilly: (holds up one finger) "Patience!"
I guess she understands the meaning of patience finally?

She has officially started using the phrase "No, thank you.", without any "what-do-you-say" prompting!  So exciting.  It happened after a food shopping day, when she was eating goldfish, and offered me every other one (probably about 30 times), and every time I said, "No thank you, Reilly."  Then she started holding the fish out to other shoppers and saying "Some?  No, thank you!" and then eating it.  Ever since then, she has been so good at it!  Although this morning, she said "No, please.", before giggling and correcting herself.

She loves singing along to all her favorite songs now.  She has been singing to the Elmo song for a while now, I think that was her first one.  Here is how the song goes:
La-la-la-la, La-la-la-la
Elmo's Song (or Elmo's World)  

Hubby or I would sing the "La's" and then, she would say "ELMO!"

But the other day, when I sang the "La" part, I paused, and she smiles at me and says "REILLY'S SONG!" and then started cracking up!  And then I sang it again, because the song repeats, and she said, "MOMMY'S SONG!".  When we called Daddy in to show him how she sang her new song, she plugged his name in and said "DADDY'S SONG!" without either of us saying anything.  She is such a little ham.

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  1. The inserting new names may be because there is a skit where Elmo rewrites his song and adds "Big Bird's Song" at the end. That may have given her the idea. I had to watch a lot of Sesame Street when babysitting an 18 month old last week, and that was one of the skits that came up on YouTube.