Thursday, December 16, 2010

7! (And the Unveiling of The Dress)

I think I say this every month, but I can't believe I am the mama of a 7 month old baby! 7 months!! I can't fathom the thought. I was JUST crying putting away her newborn clothes. Heck, I just stopped referring to her as a "newborn baby" like last month. I figure up until 6 months, you can still use that term. What? That's normal.

But I love 7 month Reilly. Even though I can't believe she's so big, and I am counting down in my head how much time I have left breast feeding her and my heart hurts a little, I am utterly obsessed with this age. She literally just keeps getting funner. And funnier. And sillier. And cuter. And how can getting older be that sad, when she's just so happy all the time?

So I decided 7 months, although practically an adult, is really an amazing age. Here are some fun facts about 7 month old babygirl:

1. SHE SITS UP. AND ROLLS OVER! Well, she sits up all the time, rolled over once. But her physical abilities have totally taken off in the last month. She can now maneuver her toys, lean forward or to the side to reach what she wants, and sit right back up. Her core muscles are getting so much stronger, which makes her more independent, and you can tell she's so proud of herself. This scenario happens daily:

Reilly: (leans wayyy forward reach-reach-reaching for a toy...finally grabs it, sits back up)
Me: (watching) YAYY BABY!! (claps) I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!
Reilly: (Looks up, startled, holding toy. Big wide eyes. Has no idea what I'm doing. Then HUGE smile. Kicks. Waves toy. Giggles.)
She's not quite sure what made her mama so happy, but she's darn proud of herself for doing it!

2. She still wants to chew/touch/grab/suck on anything and everything. Especially if it makes noise. Or if it's Mama's. Or if it's wrapping paper.

3. She signs "milk" and "eat" now! Those are the first 2 signs I started with her, and it's amazing to see her do them and tell me what she wants or needs. New ones we're working on are "bathroom" which I sign while changing her, and "please" which I sign in between bites of food, or before giving her something she clearly wants.

4. She is becoming people-picky. She will make the saddest little face around certain people, totally randomly. Sometimes it's just people who are strangers to her, but are being perfectly nice and kind. Just looking at them makes her upset, so I just hold her and reassure her that it's okay. Meanwhile, I'm fascinated that she has her own opinions of people! So funny.

5. She is SO vocal. She will lay in her crib in the morning making every sound that a mouth can make while being opened. Pretty much every vowel sound. And she sings "Da-da" and "Ay-ay" in every octave. I love hearing her talk and communicate, it's so fun having pretend conversations with her.

6. She "uses" a sippy cup and "eats" finger food. Translation: She sucks on and holds the sippy cup, unsure of what it supposed to happen to it and why milk doesn't come out when she sucks. She moves the teeny pieces of sweet potato around on her tray, then grabs them in her fist, tries to bring them to her mouth, but doesn't really know how to get it in. She she squeezed it in her hands and sucks on her fingers. But still in all, she's growing up!

"Um..Mama? Is this one mine?"

Yes, baby, that's yours. But no peeking till Christmas morning missy!

"Okay, I know I wasn't going to. I just want to touch it. And suck on it when you turn around."

I would like to draw your attention to her little arms. And her little rubber band wrists. I love them. And to HER CHRISTMAS DRESS. Which is to be debuted on Christmas only, but I thought I'd bring it out for her special photo shoot. Notice: the tulle. I LOVE TULLE. This dress is complete perfection. Note: There is also a cream colored cardigan. [Faint.]
Thank you Mima and Poppy, for her Christmas dress!


Daddy and I love you so many bunches of oats. Now I will go get some water from the Tuck Everlasting stream and put it in your sippy cup so you will always be small enough for me to hold. Thank you.

Love & Christmas Plaid,

Dirt Road Mama

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