Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa's Workshop

Things around here are starting to look strangely...familiar...

Like I've been here before or something. Or read about it. I'll tell you one thing, it does not look like my house. It's been transformed. What do you think, Baby?

Baby?! You've been transformed as well!

You look like one of Santa's elves!

"Oh, I know Mama. He dropped this outfit off early for me. Do you like my socks?" said Reilly.

Um...yes, they look like candy canes! But why did Santa bring you an elf outfit?

"Well, Mama, because he asked me to be one of his elves. Did I forget to tell you that?" asked Reilly.

Yes, Baby you did! I'm so happy for you! That is a great accomplishment.

"Mama, didn't you wonder why our house looks like Santa's Workshop? I have been very busy after you and Daddy go to bed." said Reilly.

Ahh. Well that certainly explains things. Would you like some help, Rei??

"Yes, please! But Mama...get to work! There's not much time left!"

Reilly and I will be very busy until December 24th. If you need us, just give us a call via the North Pole. The code word is "Santa's Got a Brand New Bag". (Name that movie.)

If you'll excuse me, I have to go wash her elf uniform. She says she has to wear it while she paints.

Love & Christmas Cheer,

Dirt Road Mama


  1. Do you make the chalkboard windows shown at you work station? Any tips on dealing with lead paint?

  2. Yep I did...I am actually going to do a post about it. The frame is made of an old barn door that we cut to fit. Then we sealed it, so the paint wouldn't chip off. Normally, a sealer wouldn't be enough protection against the lead paint, but this is something that is hanging on the wall more as a decorative piece, so it's working great!