Tuesday, December 21, 2010


You may recall that my babygirl was enlisted this year to be one of Santa's Little Elves. It has be a very busy season, let me tell ya! Painting, cutting, hammering, detailing, packaging, mailing.

Oh, the life of a crafter during the Christmas season! But what a joyful time to be creating artwork for people. Knowing it is a special gift, or a decoration for their home...really makes you feel like Santa!

And it also really makes you feel...

pretty darn POOPED!

We got home from a little Christmas get-together, in which Reilly got lots of gifts, and Santa made an appearance. And we got our little Christmas angel out of the car, and this is what she looked like. We just about died laughing. Like on the way home, she just pulled her Santa hat over eyes, like "Okay Mom and Dad, I've had enough of these festivities! Let a little elf have her sleep, will ya?"

I hear, ya, babygirl!

Love & PaintingPaintingPainting,

Dirt Road Mama

1 comment:

  1. I thought that the post was actually about her pooping.

    I may have changed too many dirty diapers. . .

    Ninja Daddy