Tuesday, December 14, 2010

God Wrote Me a Love Letter

I had to take a class this semester. I have my degree, I graduated college, and have a full diploma. But to get my certification in this state, I had to take one undergrad class. It really is the strangest thing, but I had to do it. I had to drive over an hour away from my house once a week for a 3 hour night class.

I found out that I needed to take it when I was pregnant. Last thing I wanted to do, but I knew I had to. Obviously not the worst thing in the world, but it just stunk.

And on the first day, when I was almost there, I was stopped right in my tracks by a sign that I saw. It was one of those signs where you could change the letter to write anything, like they have at firehouses, except it was on a big tall pole. It said "SUCCESS IS DEPENDENT UPON EFFORT". That's all it said. Then I looked above the sign, at the name of the business who owned it. And it said, "Reilly". That's it. Just Reilly. To this day, I don't even know what the business was. It was something so random, and that phrase had nothing to do with their business at all. And I knew it was God talking to me. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but that became my little mantra. Success is dependent upon effort. This was right next to the Dunkin Donuts, so I stopped and saw it every week. And I forged on.

Every week, since August, the sign was there. Encouraging me. Keeping me going, silently. I loved seeing it on the way there, and on the way back, lit up in the darkness.

Then last night, it was my last class. My final exam. I was so excited! I got myself a gingerbread latte and a muffin. I was pumped, let me tell you. And then something caught my eye.

The Reilly sign looked different. There were more words on it...I had to get a closer look. So as I pulled away from the Dunkin, I read the sign. After not being changed for all of those months, tonight it was different. It said "WISHING YOU A JOYOUS AND HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON".

I smiled, and said Thank you, God, you too! The sign could have been changed after Thanksgiving, when all the other decorations went up. Or even last week. But it wasn't. It was only different on the day of my final - my last day. God wanted to write me a love letter. And I loved it.

I am a firm believe that there are no coincidences. People are not just lucky. Things don't happen randomly, or by chance. It's always God. He speaks all the time, everywhere. Through music, and nature, and signs on the side of the road.

I think it's funny that He knew I would only pay attention to that sign, and know it was from Him, if he put Reilly right there on top of it. It's like he knows how much I love her, or something. :)

Love & Little Miracles,

DR Mama

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