Monday, December 13, 2010

Alert the Media!

Reilly's hair is long enough to hold bows!

Kind of.
No, sweet pea, dresses are for twirling, not sucking...

Yes, I mean you, peanut.

What's cuter than Smiley Reilly?

Smiley Reilly IN A BOW.

In a plaid dress with ruffley sleeves.

I love dressing up my little doll face!

And no, despite what it looks like, the bow is not glued to her head. It really is hangin' on to some whispy golden hairs!

On a different note...this little bow-wearing-Babydoll is 7 months old today!!
7 whole months that I've been her Mama. Best title I've ever had.
7 month post to come soon!

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