Thursday, December 9, 2010

Soul Pajamas

If pajamas had the ability to reflect the heart and soul of the person wearing them, these would be Reilly's Soul Pajamas.

I mean these are HER, in the form of sleepwear. Her eyes are even the same color!

Oh, hi. I'm obsessed with you.

I love her in them so much, I felt it was a waste to confine their use to nighttime. We rocked them all day.

But everything, down to the "happy" in different colors and materials. If her heart were to sing, it would sing a song of giggles and polka dots. Just like these pajamas.

"Really, Mama? Now this is just too far."

Sorry, babygirl. You look like Martha Washington when I do that. And it makes me giggle.

And a profile pic, for Mima!

And look what else I caught on camera! My babygirl saying "Da". She says it so deliberately, with her mouth movements so exaggerated, which makes me laugh.

Scroll down..."D-Ah"
Shout out to the Speech Pathologists in my life (ie: Aunt Janet): Isn't she advanced?! ;)

This is what goes on in my head, ladies and gentleman.

I wonder what my Soul Pajamas would look like...

Love & Polka Dots,

Dirt Road Mama


  1. My soul pajamas would be blaze orange with camouflage. Maybe made with deer skin. Or I would just wear boxers. Either one.