Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sitting Pretty!


You may remember a few days ago, I was chronicling the trials and triumphs of Reilly learning to sit up. We had a lot of rocking, a lot of leaning, and lot of slow topples.

But yesterday, she just decided that she would sit up!! No trouble, no toppling, no leaning! Look at my baby go!

Okay, so there still is a bit of toppling. But I'm allowing it to slide, for now. We now have the recessed boppy, if you'll notice. Just in the correct place to prevent a head bump.

And today, she leaned forward for a toy that she couldn't reach. And ended up on almost all fours. She kind of stuck halfway there, and then looked at me, unable to move. I giggled, and then sat her up again. But that is darn close to moving in the world of Reilly.

Or, she'll probably be so content sitting that she'll just chill out for 6 more months. My happy little pumpkin. This is the funnest thing ever, watching how proud she is of sitting. That face that you see? That's her ALL DAY today. No kidding.

Love & Sit Ups,

Dirt Road Mama

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