Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Babies

Reilly got together with her BFFs to exchange Christmas gifts. It was so much fun!

Reilly got her first gift of the year:

and tried to eat it. (Shocking, I know.)

Then she pulled Adeena's hair. And girlfriend didn't even flinch. That's a bestie, I tell ya.

Reilly thinks this is a customary form of affection, as she does it to her Mama on the daily.

Babies and Mamas picture :)

Look at our babies, so festive!

Adeena: Mama, I know we gave this ball to Reilly, but I like it better than mine. Please can I have it?
Greg: Oh, Mom I want one of those too! Tell Santa. And get this chick off me.
Reilly: Okay, Mama, so I can't chew on my wrapping paper, I can't pull Adeena's hair, can I chew on him?

Adeena: Reilly is stealing my boyfriend!
Reilly: Greg, can I just taste your sweater?
Greg: Mom, is she really going to eat my sweater?

I love our precious babies!

No smiles, but at least they are all looking the same way!

Christmas gifting is overwhelming for the little blue-eyed babies.

And a bit for the dad's, too. :)

Reilly's first Christmas Dinner Party - Success!

Love & festivities,

Dirt Road Mama

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