Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reilly vs. YoBaby

Recently, Reilly had her 6 month doctor appointment. It blew my mind. She is doing amazingly well, so healthy, which is the best news a mama ever wants to hear. However, the doctor used all these...big words. Not big medical words, big CHILD words. As if I had a toddler on my hands or something! Words like "sippy cup", "whole milk", and "yogurt".

Excuse me? Did you say breast milk and babyfood ice cubes? Thank you. That's what I thought.

Okay, maybe I brought up the yogurt. I said, "When can I start giving her baby yogurt?"

And he replied, "Oh, she can definitely have that. As long as there are no fruit chunks at all."

And I said, "Okay, starting when?"

And he said, "Today if you want!"

He is so radical, my pediatrician.

I'm just teasing, he's amazing. But really, all these new foods and things are blowing my mind. I'll have to remind him soon that I have LITTLE TINY BABY BANANA here. Not a full grown toddler child that he thinks he is dealing with. Sheesh.

So, Reilly had her Yobaby a few weeks ago for the first time. And this is how it went down, in pictures. In the exact order that the events occurred. Get ready to giggle.

The first bite.
She made this face, then said, "MAMA! What is this cold substance??"
"That's yogurt, sweet pea!"

Then she asked, "Is this "yogurt" you speak of, made with breast milk?"

"Well, no it is not." I told her. "But it's very good for you! It'll make you a little healthy girl."

"Are you sure about this Mama?" she asked.

I had to put aside my own reservations about this whole "growing up" thing. I guess I do want her to have a sophisticated palate beyond my milk.

"Yes, Baby, Mama's sure. So what do you think??"


Next up: Baby has her first TCBY!

Hee hee.

Love & Baby Banana,

Dirt Road Mama

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  1. This is an adorable post I must say! Great pictures!!!