Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Fashion Preview

So, Mama.

I thought I'd give you a few fashion tips for this year, "Two-Oh-One-One".

Okay, Baby, I would love it! Some people say "Twenty-Eleven".

Oh, okay Mama! But I think I like my way.

Okay, me too.

So here are my tips.

1. Faux fur is back! See what I'm wearing here, Mama? This isn't weal fur! But feel, it's so soft. And it's cream, which goes nice with my complexion.

You're right, peanut. It goes beautifully with your complexion. What else ya got for me?

Oh, plenty! See my leggings? Leggings are very in still, too. Jeggings are jeans and leggings - I have those Mama.

I know, you had them before Mama even did.

Number 3, if you only have a little hair like me, you wear a headband so nobody thinks you are a boy! Works like a charm.

That's a great tip, Rei. And you look very pretty in your outfit. You look like a little fashion plate.

A passion plate? Thank you, Mama! You're a passion plate, too.

Love & Other Uggs,

Dirt Road Mama


  1. she makes the cutest little faces! & what an adorable outfit!! Happy New Year Buselli Family!