Monday, January 3, 2011

A Painting for Babygirl

The idea for this came from the need to have Babygirl's clothes nearby when I am dressing or changing her. Sometimes, when we're going somewhere special, I have the outfit she will wear already planned. And this outfit ended up being hung on her crib, laid on the bed, etc. I felt I needed to do her adorable clothes justice - give them a place to live besides the closet.

Then I thought, why not make something that will grow with her? Why not paint her something that she will have always, and can hang her first day of school outfit on? Her prom dress? Her graduation gown? Her wedding dress?

Great, now I'm crying.

[Mommy and Daddy I'm sorry I got married and made you feel the way I do right now! I'm sorry you have to experience it TWICE because you have 2 daughters! I will be there to console you/get you drunk on Sissy's wedding day!]

Moving on...where was I?

Ah yes, my painting. So then, after a bit of planning and talking with Hubby and finding the perfect piece of wood, this was born.

First of all, go ahead an faint at that dress. Reilly will be sporting it at Aunt Mimi's bridal shower. Mima and Poppy got it for her for Christmas. Okay, wake up, and I'll continue.

Anyway, I really love how it came out. Her walls and room are sage and neutrals, so I like how this added pink to her room. And now it usually used as a display piece for my favorite outfit of hers. I think when her first birthday nears, I will hang up the outfit she came home from the hospital in. Just to torture myself. Then I'll go ahead and have another baby. [Hubby - you in?]

I read the quote somewhere, I think it was part of a poem. I just loved it. It reminded me of her and her disposition. It reminds me of God's grace in her, and how He protects her every step she takes. And how her eyes are a little peek into her soul. Her pretty little sweet, sweet soul.

I made one more of these for a friend of mine who had a babygirl. I knew she would love it as much as I do. I love when I can paint something for someone and just know they will love it.

This part, Hubby picked out! I explained to him the vision, and said I wanted it to have "a crystal doorknob". He was so confused. He didn't know doorknobs were made of crystal. I said "No, not actual crystal." Then he came around and understood.

I think Hubby's favorite kind of crafts that I make are ones that include the sentence, "Honey, I need to you to go to Home Depot and get ________." Even if the blank is "crystal doorknob". He still loves it. And one day, he came home with this gorgeous one! I was so pumped.

If anyone would like me to paint one, I would love to! Email me and we can discuss pricing. They are totally custom, so I could change the quote, change the colors, or personalize. I could even make it boyish with a quick change of doorknob/hook! Cause you can trust that my future baby boy is so betting on of these.

Love & Dresses,

Dirt Road Mama


  1. Love it!! Can't wait to have a baby so I can order one ;-) Do you do baby shower registries? ;-)

  2. Why of course! :) Place your orders, and tell your friends to buy em! hehe