Friday, January 14, 2011

Movin & Shakin

It is official, ladies and gentlemen. Babies and toddlers. Whoever reads this blog.

So, in that case, it's official Mom and Dad.

I think, maybe, Reilly has discovered that there is possibility at some point in life that she may have the ability to...dare I say it aloud...move.

I know this picture is blurry, but the face juts kills me. She was yelping in joy. Actually shrieking and yelping. It's her new thing. Frightens the dog, cracks up the Mama.

Anywho, let's analyze what's happening here, shall we? Babygirl used to be very content just sitting. She would sit, straight up, perfect posture. Lately, she does this. She leans forward. I describes it briefly in yesterday's post about her turning 8 months old. [Goodness gracious sakes alive, I have an 8 month old child.] So she will lean forward on her arms, like so. And her leg sticking out there on the right, is usually tucking under in the "crawling" position. Her right leg, though, the one that's hiding under there - that's her downfall. She hasn't quite figured out what to do with that guy yet, he just stays tucked under there.

Does anyone else wish I had a yellow marker, like on the football shows?

Then, in her efforts to free the leg that is still tucked under her, she will usually end up on her belly. It's hilarious, because she is extremely joyful throughout the whole process. But she doesn't this multiple MULTIPLE times a day. She just keeps finding things she wants, that are out of her reach. The nerve. It's usually things like the remote, or the phone, or the dog. You know, her toys.
It may look like this little child is just chillin' here on the bed, but alas, it is not so. She's a movin' and a shakin'. She's close to creepin'. This is too much change for one person to handle!! I mean, seriously. She just learned to sit.

I just did some research via my blog. I posted this post, on her learning to sit, on November 22. Then I posted this triumphant post, when she actually learned to sit, on December 2. According to this approximate calculation of her learning curve concerning her physical development in the mobility sector, she will learn to crawl in...

10 days.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go baby proof my house. I have electrical sockets to fill. And wires to put away. And drawers to clamp shut. And PAINT! My paints, I must put those away. I think I have some bubble wrap in the basement, I'll just go grab that. Cover everything. That should do it.

Over and Out.

Love & Growing Babygirl,

dirt road Mama

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  1. And the real fun begins! You will never sit again lol. It's so fun though to see them crawl, then walk, and now Jake's new thing running which freaks me out a bit! My livingroom has been Jake's personal play gym since he learned to more cute things out on my coffee table......she's so cute Kate! Yay Rei on all her new shakin and movin!