Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mysterious Movement

Lately, I have been watching before my eyes as babygirl gets closer and closer to moving. She's not just getting close to crawling, but also moving in other ways. Ways I can't really I'll turn around to put something in the hamper, and she'll just be 4 feet from where she was chewing on a ball. And then she'll look up at me with this huge smile, like "Hey Mama! Look what I did!"

She pretty much likes going everywhere. And anywhere. But more specifically, going somewhere she isn't supposed to be. In order to grab something she isn't supposed to have. Yes, that's definitely the funnest place to be. For instance, grabbing the remotes. Or the phones. Or mama's water bottle.

Or when she's in her high chair, and she wants to clear the hutch with her one hand. The container of wipes ends up on the floor almost every meal. The funny part is, I keep moving it on the hutch thinking I've put it out of her reach. And then it's on the floor, and she's staring at me. And again, I'm bewildered. Do you just have really long arms, baby? How are you doing it?

Anytime I put her down , it's as if she scans her periph. What can I reach? What can I suck on? What looks fun and interesting? Any wires available? Anything that lights up? Or beeps? I love beeping. Where's mama's water bottle, I love that thing. It's so cold. Where the puppy? Her ears are so fun to pull. Anything around here have buttons? Or anything crinkly, or metal?

So I'm off to put those little plastic pieces in the outlets. Even though, she still can't crawl. Or scoot. Or even army crawl. But I'm convinced that she will inexplicably find a way to get there. She's very mysterious, how she keeps getting her little tiny fingers on what she wants.

I'm ready for you, chick. I have those eyes behind my head. They're not as big as yours, but they're there!

Love & Freakish Movements,

Dirt Road Mama

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