Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Didn't Doubt You for a Second!

This is Rei Rei with one of her new balls!

She made this face as soon as I picked up my camera. And it was hilarious.

Then she dropped her little square block. And shocked me once again, when she did this in order to get it herself.
Look at where her foot is! She such a limber little bean.

She was stuck in this position for a little bit, but she wasn't upset at all so I just let her go to see what she would do.

And then, she got it. And gave me this little face.

Hey, Mama. I toldja I could do it! You didn't think I was gunna get it didja?

Yes I did baby! I knew you could do it!

Okay, well I'm glad. But now that I reached my block, I'm kinda stuck. Wanna help a sista out here?

Sure thing, girlfriend. We still have time to learn such things.

But I sure am proud of you, pumpkin muffin!

Love & Princess PJs,

Dirt Road Mama

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