Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Get it From My Mama

Reilly has started becoming increasingly more mobile lately, or at least, has shown interest in the idea of becoming more mobile. Even in her crib, she spin totally around in the craziest positions throughout the night, without making much of a peep. But the funniest thing about all this mobility is how she has started sitting lately.
Simply put...she got it from her mama.

Since I was in Kindergarten, I was a rebel against the "Indian Style" or "Criss-Cross-Applesauce" style of sitting. And up to my prenatal yoga classes, I was the one who sat in this interesting position when we were at rest. I was not about to try and impress anyone with a Lotus, when I had a big belly and it was just not comfy for me. Anytime I sit on the floor, this is juse how I'm most comfortable.

So you can imagine my surprise when I began seeing babygirl in the position while she plays. Cracked me right up. Like Mama, like Babygirl.

Love & Anti-Lotus,

Dirt Road Mama

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