Monday, January 31, 2011

Perfecting the Pincer Grasp

Reilly baby is extremely content and agreeable, which is evident after spending minutes with her. She is happy to sit in my lap while we read a book, sit on the floor and play by herself, sit with other children, eat her veggies, whatever is on the horizon, she's happy to go along!

As her doctor said, sometimes with very content babies, it takes longer to reach milestones such as rolling over, simply because they are happy to be where ever they are, doing what they are doing. And even though she is making strides at moving, she is still so happy to stay put, babbling away with her giant 2-teeth grin. Similarly, Rei has just now been making the tell-tale signs of wanting to feed herself. If she sees something in front her, you can bet she'll try and grab it and eat it. But she never makes a move to grab for the spoon, or turn her head away when I feed her. She loves whatever food I give her, and is just so...content with it!

So this bring us to currently, as we are re-introducing some finger foods. She just wasn't ready before, but I think she just needs more practice perfecting her pincer grasp. (Pincer Grasp: Picture a pea on the table. Picture how you would pick up the pea. The position that your fingers are in is the Pincer Grasp. The End.) So she has been practicing with Puffs, broken in half (as was recommended by my cousin-in-law) because her mama is a lunatic. And the Pincer Practice is proving to be yet another hilariously amusing and adorable process. I just crack up watching her. And still, she never gets upset or frustrated when she doesn't get them in her mouth. Again, with the contentedness. Thank you Jesus for this amazing quality in our babyface.

So here's how it all goes down, step by step.

1. Grab Puff. Usually with fist, sometimes isolating those 2 key Pincer fingers. But typically still grabbing one in her fist. Which leads to the hilarious following events.

2. Try to put fist in mouth. "I know it's in there somewhere! Where is that little Puff?"

3. Suck on fist. Sometimes, taking fist out and staring at it, then resume sucking. As if the Puff will be sucked through her closed fingers, into her mouth.

4. Open fist really fast, and shove palm of hand toward mouth. Then suck on fingers. Again, hoping that the Puff magically makes it's entrance into the mouth.

5. Victory!!! Most times, the Puff falls and sticks to her bib or shirt. She will look down for a moment, then attack another Puff on her plate. But sometimes, this process produces victory. And when it does, it is oh-so-sweet-banana-flavored-Puff goodness.

6. Look around to make sure mama and da-da witnessed your success.

7. Repeat with next Puff.

Once Reilly Belle realizes how much easier the pincer makes this process, it will be all down hill. Into a giant pile of Puffs. But meanwhile, I like this process much better. Much more fun to watch and cheer her on, waiting to see the Fate of the Puff.

Love Puffin,

Dirt Road Mama

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