Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Village Baby

The other day before we got dressed for the day, I wanted to try on Rei's new jeans that we got from my BFF since we were 11, Kate. Kate and her boyfriend Aaron came to visit this weekend, and brought Reilly a belated Christmas gift! It was so sweet. And maybe my favorite part, were these adorable jeans, that cuff on the bottom, like real people's jeans. They don't even have the baby-elastic on the waist - they are so funny! And I fell even more in love when I put them on Reilly, and she looked like this.

I died laughing. Something about the white t-shirt. My little Village Baby. Give us a Y-M-C-A, kiddo.

And as always, when I get excited and start laughing or making a fuss over her, Reilly get excited too.

And them she starts clapping. She doesn't know why Mama is so excited...but she's excited too!!

Well, Babygirl, we are excited about your jeans. Mama will put on her boyfriend jeans, and we'll go to town all matching and adorable and pretend it was an accident.

Thank you Kate and Aaron! For such a fun weekend, and contributing to the adorable attire of this little beany.

Love & Tiny Denim,

Dirt Road Mama

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