Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

It started with the two of us.

There was kisses, letters, emails, laughter, goodbyes, late-night phone calls, and star gazing.

There was dancing, road trips, cafes, weekends, movies, trust, silliness, proms, date nights, and more kisses.

And then there was growing, and promises, and rings, and vows. Long Island, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and all that is in between.

At the center of it all there is God. He made us for each other, and brought us together. He keeps us strong, and blesses us daily. He helps us through challenges, and shows us what forgiveness is.

And then there was her.

And then we were us.

And then, there was love. There was always love.

I love you, my Valentine. My boyfriend, my fiance, my husband, my love. You make me giggle and you make me melt. Your love surrounds me and lifts me up. I love having you as my one and only, always.

Love & more Love,

Dirt Road Mama

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