Friday, February 11, 2011

Me and Her

I kiss her all day long, just because I don't like being far away from her face.
I dance and jump like crazy, to make her giggle.
I pray that she will be a content and happy person, just as she is now.
I laugh at her all day long.
I nap with her on occasion, because we deserve it, don't we babygirl?

Sometimes I forget to re-clip my nursing bra, hence the strangeness in the above picture.
I miss real bras. Victoria? As in, the one with the Secret? Can you please make nursing bras?

After all, that is what our boobies were made for. The nursing. You should embrace the reason for the boobies, and support them in their finest hour. Thank you.

We are friends, of the best kind.
I want to teach her everything I know, everything she needs to know.
One little thing at a time.

But mostly, I want to play with her. And pray with her. And surround her with the love that her Daddy and I share.

I think my twenty-fourth will be my favorite year yet.
I'm not going to let it fly by me.
Love Every Day,
Dirt Road mama

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