Monday, February 28, 2011

Penny Lane

A few months ago, I shared the story of our puppy.

This weekend, she went to heaven.

She has blessed our lives. She was gentle, loving, sweet, affectionate, and wise. We saved her from an abused home. But really, she saved us.

These are some of the most recent pictures of our baby. We love you forever, Penny Lane.

Penny taught Reilly how to do "Niiiice." Reilly would grab and pat her, and she would sniff her, lick her, and nuzzle her affectionately. And then Reilly learned how to pet her "niiiice" and gently, and she loved to lay by her. Trying to get to Penny is what motivated Reilly is move more than anything else.

Penny Lane is in our ears and in our eyes. Now and always.

Puppy Love,

DR Mama

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