Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mama's Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday. We have had many fun happenings leading up to yesterday, starting with the delivery of many mystery packages. It was great fun having package after package delivered, not knowing what they could be. And it took restraint not looking at the return addresses!

And then Daddy decided he wanted to show Reilly what he got Mama. The two of them were in cahoots on the birthday secrets! Reilly helped Daddy unwrap the packages.

But these two right here, are the best gifts of all.

The silly, lovable, adorable pair they are.

I started my day with cards from both Hubby and Reilly baby, and the rest of it was filled with so much love from those who love me most. That's what birthday's are about, I think. Making the person feel how much you love them, letting them know how happy you are that they were born.

This year...I feel so very loved.

Love at 24,

Dirt Road Mama

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