Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In My Nook

When the e-readers first came out, I was against them. I like my books. I like feeling them, holding them, smelling them. Yes, I said smelling. New or old, I love the smell. But then, I thought, this might be interesting.

Brand new books, instantly! Brand new books, cheaper! Brand new books, with free samples before you buy! Or really old books, if I want! And, you can share them. As in, lend them to your friends for 2 weeks for absolute FREE!
So Hubby got me one for my birthday. And I am obsessed, let me tell you. I take it everywhere with me, like my Gameboy when we were little. Or my new doll that I brought to church on Christmas. I bring it places that I will not be able to read, places it would make no sense to read. Just in case. I have about 11 free book samples downloaded, to test 'em out before I purchase.

FYI: Snooki's new book - don't waste your time. I downloaded it out of pure intrigue, and the fact that it was free. Don't even waste your time pressing "Download" to read the free version. I lost brain cells reading it. End of story.

The best part though, might be the case that Hubby picked out for it. He knows me, I tell ya. I knew it as soon as I opened it. I couldn't have picked out one more perfect for myself.

It is brown, weathered looking leather. It reminds me of a cowboy boot. And even better...it smells like an old book. A Nook that smells like a book! They should market these covered that way. I bet you sales would increase if people knew their Nook could smell like books.

I asked Hubby last night why he thinks it's called a Nook. I think it's because people like to read in nooks. I told him that if there was a small corner of a room, near a window, I would rather read there than on a couch. I don't know why. Or in a window seat. I love me a window seat. Not a cheesy little tiny one, though. A real, sprawl out, maybe take a nap, window seat.

Ocean views are just a bonus.

I just thought of another reason I love the Nook. Epaper. The screen is NOT a computer screen. Picture how when you are sick, or have a headache, or are pregnant and have morning sickness, you can't really look at a computer screen? The light makes you squint and makes your brain hurt? Well, this screen is made of epaper. You need a light to read it, just like a book. It LOOKS like it's ink on a page, but then it moves and can be controlled like a computer. It's mind-boggling when you watch it!

Also, I am in love with libraries. When I'm bored, or have time to kill in town, I go there. But my nook won't stop me - now I have a baby!! Mommy and me is at the library, kiddie books are at the library, and we can bring them home and smell them. I mean read them. Therefore, I don't have to let go of my library-going just because of my nook. Reilly? Want to go to the LIBRARY and smell books??

Oh, she wants to.

Gotta run. Baby's napping. Mama's folding laundry, and maybe a little Nook time. Who knows! Maybe there's a new book out that I can read a free sample of and then buy at a discounted price!! There is a BOOKSTORE AT MY FINGERTIPS, PEOPLE!!

Hubby? Thank you. I love it. I love you.

Love & BN,

Dirt Road Mama

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