Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just Another Day in the Country

The other day, I was just chillin with babycakes, when I saw movement outside the window. Living down our dirt road, it usually means that it is a passing car. But when I went to look, it was not a car I saw, but deer. This is not odd, as there are approximately 76 deer running around our road daily. But the funny thing was how they were running.

Here's babycakes and I chillin...

The deer were running straight down the middle of the road!

You can't fully appreciate from this photo, but they were not in the woods, they were walking down the road like people!

There they go! In a straight line, following after one another.

Bye bye deer! I can't wait till you shed your winter fur, and emerge in the Spring with your beautiful golden amber coat. It shines in the sun, as you trot happily with your little fawn.
I can tell they are happy, from how they trot. And plus, they have little spotted babies beside them! Nothing makes a mama happier than a little spotted baby.

I will be trotting happily with my little spotted baby this Spring! I can't wait to show her Spring.
It's coming so soon. I can smell it. I smell the cold lifting, and being replaced with the sun streaming.

Love & Sunshine,

Dirt Road Mama

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