Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bye Bye Bumper!

I started realizing that girlfriend was getting a little too curious in that crib of her. She was grabbing and moving and disappearing behind bumpers. For two of her naps, I looked at the monitor and saw that she had lifted the bumper up, and was trying to grab the tag on her Diaper Stacker through the crib rails. The bumper was no longer protection, but a big fluffy toy!

I came in to get her from a nap, and found this.

Oh, hi Mama. What's up? I was know...napping.

See the tag at the top? That was what we were aiming for.

So now, we had to remove the bumpers. Wah. My baby used to be an infant. Now she is an infant who moves around a lot. She is still an infant, you see. One day she will be an infant who walks. And talks. And then an infant who goes to school.

I live in denial, see. Hubby comes home, and I say, "Oh, I had to take off the bumpers. Because she started moving them and maneuvering them and I was afraid she would learn to stand and climb out. No big deal. It's not like she's growing up or anything. Want to make another baby?"

Love & Wiggly Baby,

DR Mama

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