Monday, February 7, 2011

Some Things to Report

1. Rei Rei has an Uncle Eric who like to take amazing pictures of her on his fancy phone.

2. Her eyes are officially staying blue, which I knew since her day of birth. Even though everyone told me they would turn brown. Mama knows.

3. Reilly makes funny faces.

4. Reilly has a cute nose. It resembles a button. She got it from me. But hers is cuter.

5. She has 2 bottom teeth, but that is all for now. She got her bottom teeth months ago, and we're holding steady with just the two. I love them. We pretend to brush them with our finger before she goes to bed.

6. I think a picture of Reilly could make anyone smile. I really do.

7. I am not biased! How dare you suggest such a thing.

8. All of the above information can be confirmed in the photograph below.

See? You just smiled. Number 6 - confirmed. Affrimative. Over and out.
I am obsessed with that child and her Jack-O-Lantern faces.
Love & Holy Adorable,
Dirt Road Mama

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