Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Emptier of Baskets

This is Reilly.
Eater of fruit and veggies.
Drinker of breastmilk and water.
Giver of love.
Lover of giggling.
Spitter of the raspberries.
Singer of songs and sounds.
Chewer of...everything.
Dancer to any and all music. Even commercials.
Inspector of...everything.
Laugher at Daddy and Mama.

Emptier of baskets.

One day, my living room was clean.

Then my baby fell out of me.

Now it looks like this.

She empties baskets all day long. Then she gets sad when they are empty. And I refill them, and she is happy again. She is busy, I tell ya. She takes things out, studies them carefully, spins the item around in her hands, and then places it gently outside the basket.

I really don't know how things get so far away from's very perplexing how she reaches different things.

She is very busy. She will laugh at me, and play with me, or look at me briefly for a picture...but then she goes back to her extremely important business. She makes herself laugh, and babbles while flipping through her books. It is so fun to watch her learning and exploring, trying to move, and making her own decisions and choices.

Now I must go and chase around my busy girl. And maybe clean up. Again.

Love & Baskets,
DR Mama


  1. I just found your blog from your comment on Marriage Confessions and had to say your daughter is gorgeous! I read all the way back to when she was born and will read back further over time. Bookmarking you!

  2. I also found your blog from a comment your left, and I love it! I've read the entire thing in the past few days; your writing and pictures are great.

  3. Thank you, Shannon! That's so sweet.