Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We had an eventful weekend. It was pretty much the opposite of relaxing. Thank God we had a snow day yesterday, which allowed for some relaxation that we missed on the weekend.

The craziness started on Saturday. I was washing dishes, chatting on the phone, baby was napping, Hubby was ice fishing. And I was just minding my own business, gazing out the window to the forest ahead. And it was windy. I mean, really really windy. Like, Hubby said while he was fishing, he almost got knocked over by the wind. And then I heard a crack. A really loud, frightening, unnatural sounding crack. And then I saw a giant Hemlock tree falling straight toward my house. I had no idea how tall it was while I was watching it fall straight toward babygirl's bedroom window.

I screamed as I watched it fall. Luckily, my bff on the phone helped calm me down with her soothing words. It landed feet from my car. And took down another tree on the way, and landed on a wire.

Oh, that's just a tree being held up by a wire.

Clearly, nobody could get by. There's no other way to access our road, so when trees fall across the road, you're pretty much stuck. Until someone comes by with their chain saw.

What, people don't just have chain saws in there trucks where you live?

See the leftover half-tree on the right? That's where it broke.

Oddly enough, we didn't lose power from this. But we did later. We lost power in the afternoon, so we went out to town and had some lunch. By the time we got home, power was back on, so I made some dinner. Put baby down to bed. Snuggled up on the couch with some wine while dinner simmered.

Then, the power went out again. When we called the power company, they said it wasn't coming back on till 2am. It was 8pm. And we have electric heat. Not very awesome. So we ate some of the simmering dinner, and then went to Hubby's parents house since they have a fireplace. We brought puppy and baby, and packed for the night.

Fast forward to 4am. Generator is helping heat the house, baby is in our bed to make sure she is warm, heat is still not on, now we lost all phones as well, and I remembered something. I never shut off the stove. It would still be on a simmer if the power came back on. So Hubby had to go home in the wind and turn the stove off.

Fast forward to next day. Still. No. Power. We got a temporary space heater for our house, but we had no microwave to defrost baby's food, still no phones, and clearly, it was cold. They kept pushing back the estimated time that it would come back on. So I put baby in her snow suit, wrapped up in a blanket, and snuggled.

And she fell asleep.

My little cozy polar bear!

My sleeping girls! I was cleaning and painting, and trying not to go CRAZY from not having any power or phones. I tried to turn on the bathroom light about 17 times. Oh, and we don't have water when there is no power. So then there's that. I love not showering. Or flushing.

But then, I did get to stare at this face. And how bad could things be with this face nearby??

Hubby went to the store, and kept driving out the where we have cell phone service to try and get more information about the power.

Then I got an idea. Not everyone lost power, just our little area. So my family's house nearby still had power! So we packed a bag, and went on a little vaca night! It was so much fun. Then we got a little surprise. Hubby turned the computer on, since we had internet again, and found our a big storm was coming out of nowhere. We were expecting 8 inches! Then around 8pm, we got a phone call that he had a snow day! Rejoice. Even though we JUST started seeing ground, and blessed dirt, the last thing I wanted was for it to disappear again under more snow. I was very happy that Hubby was going to be home with us!

By the time we got home yesterday, we had power and phone back, thank God. It was an adventure, I tell ya. And now we have a giant half-a-tree in our driveway. I'm not sure how this works...it this tree ours now? Do we have to chop it up and get rid of it? These are the questions I have this morning, as I stare at our new snow-covered hemlock.

Here's to Springtime coming!!

Love & Power,

Dirt Road Mama

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