Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Nine months ago, our baby fell out of me.
Nine months before that, she was just a little poppy seed.

How quickly nine months goes! What will it be like nine months from now? I wonder what magic God will bring.

Because that's what it's like having our little 9 months old chickie. It's just magic. She is so unbelievable, in so many ways. Let's recount some of her amazing 9-month-old magic, shall we?

1. Her eyes are still blue. Which means she will be our little blue-eyed beauty, for always. I'll never forget when I was 8 months pregnant in those moments before we close our eyes, Hubby and I were dreaming of what our baby would look like. I said, "I hope baby has your lips." (which she does), then said, "What do you picture our baby to look like?" And he always said the same thing: "I don't know why, but when I picture our babies, I picture them with blond hair and blue eyes." And then he was RIGHT. And then she came out, and the doctor said, "Her eyes won't be their true color until she is 9 months old." But Hubby and I knew she would have those ocean blue eyes forever.

2. She is SO observant. And curious, which go hand-in-hand. Like, she finds tiny little fibers of thread on the floor 4 feet away from her, and she will try and get to it, and pick it up, and eat it. Needless to say, vacuuming is my life. And she loves things that are interesting and different, ie: anything that she is not supposed to have. Here is a little story to show what I mean. I have a basket that says "Baby Things" embroidered on it, and I kept it in the living room filled with diapers, wipes, the charger for her monitor, my breastmilk storage bags, breast feeding cream, her nail file, things like that. Things I liked to have on hand in the living area. Well, no more. I had to fill it, instead, with useless things that she could safely get into and chew on. Like burp cloths, bibs, toy blocks, and her balls. Do I need these things on hand? Not really. Can they just go in the toy basket? Yes. But now, this basket is different and intriguing and fun for babygirl to pull things out of. She loves the basket, she flips it over, she thinks she is doing something slightly not allowed - it's perfect.

Until yesterday, while I was cooking, and she got that weird quietness about her that means she is up to no-baby-good. So I turned around and said, "Babygiiirl....whatcha doing..." , and I saw something teeny tiny in her hands - crap, what could she have gotten? So I go over, and see the Baby Things basket upside down in her lap. And in her hands? A "Made in China" sticker. She flipped the basket over, and found the teeny Made In China sticker, and decided that THIS was the most interesting thing to play with. Slash chew on. And this concludes my explanation of curious/freakishly observant Reilly.

3. She says "Da-da", "Na-na" (only when she's upset), "Ba-ba" and...wait for it..."MA MA"!!!! My day of glory has come!!! And she said it for the first time on VALENTINE'S DAY! Which is technically one day into her tenth month, but I still wanted to share it today. She also started saying Ba-Ba on the same day! It's very funny - she sticks her bottom lip out when she says Mama and Baba.

4. She eats Puffs! Like a little pro! And she is getting her Pincer down perfectly.

5. She now eats all the things that we eat (for the most part), except all blended up into tiny bits. Not pureed smooth, kind of coarsely. I'll be doing a post about her foods soon!

6. She has water from a bottle once a day - which makes me laugh. I feel like she's a little adult with her water bottle. We still need work with the sippy cup, and she needs the hydration with her new foods, so we're sticking to a bottle.

7. She is literally getting prettier every day, in my opinion. I can't stop kissing at her and marveling at her. And telling her she's pretty. Confidence will not be a problem, I am sure. :)

8. She can get up on all fours! And she rock-rock-rocks. She also scoots backwards on her belly, and can spin around in a cricle on her belly. So with the spinning, and the back-scooting, she can get anywhere she really wants to get.

9. She can STAND!! With help of course. I pick her up and put her in the position, and she will hold on to a surface and stand. She has never looked prouder than when she is standing. It is the greatest and happiest face.

10. She is imitating SO many things. Any sounds I make with my mouth, like clicking or lip smacking, she will try to imitate it with hers. It's hilarious. Yesterday I was making kissy noises, and she was trying to make the same sound. She always imitates movements - she started shaking her head back and forth after Hubby and I were doing it while dancing with her. Noe she does it to be funny.

11. She still loves being changed and lays there so happily, laughing and babbling the whole time.

12. She is happy, smiling, or laughing for 95% of every single day. She has even started to laugh while playing by herself, which is the cutest thing ever. I'll be in the kitchen, and she'll be facing away from me playing with something, and suddenly start giggling. It seems like the beginning of playing "pretend" and using her imagination.

13. She loves babies, or any children. She will squeal and stare when we see children in the stores. And this little 2 year old boy was in a shopping cart opposite us, and he is looking warily at Reilly as she is staring him down and kicking excitedly. His mom was shopping, and suddenly he goes, "Mama...that baby is starin' at me..." all nervous. His mom and I started cracking up.

Let's end on lucky 13, in honor of our cutie-patootie.

Thank you God, for our 9 amazing months with our little angel pie! I love every day with her. Every every day.

Love & 9,

DR Mama

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