Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Beauty of the Breakfast Burrito

I have a secret to tell you.

Since being pregnant, my body has required even more sleep than it normally does. And the normal sleep my body required, was that of a lazy teenage boy on a Saturday. But pregnancy really fatigued me permanently. And then the newborn-lack-of-sleep thing that we all know and love. So long story short, it's very hard for me to get up in the morning and see my beloved off the work.

Which makes me sad! I love seeing him in the morning, having our coffee, watching Sports Center, chit-chatting it up, reminding of things such as his water bottle, lunch, and scarf. However - it is dark out when he is up. I mean BLACK. He wakes up at 5:00. Sometimes, I'm so tired that I don't even hear his alarm.

[Sidenote: His alarm plays nature sounds, because once we had the baby, his beeping alarm woke up the whole house. Babygirl and I weren't havin' it.]

Anywho, some days I cannot bring myself to wake up with him. BUT. Hubby does go off to work, every day, with a nutritious and delicious breakfast in his belly. That I made him. How, you ask? Well, with these magical burritos. Allow me to explain.

I found this recipe for Breakfast Burrito To Go, on The Pioneer Woman, a blog that I cook by almost nightly. And I knew it was my solution. Except her recipe is for about 12-15 burritos...and I make 30. Yes, 30. I make 30 burritos, then wrap them individually, then bag them in freezer bags (5 per bag), and freeze them. Every Sunday night, Hubby grabs a bag out of the freezer, puts it in the fridge, and BAM. Breakfast all week. As I sleep for 2 more glorious hours. Amen.

Here's how I do it:
(If you want to make these, you should probably half or quarter this recipe. Unless you want 30 burritos. But the good part is, all amounts are approximate, so you can do anything you want with these!)

First, wash, peel, chop some potatoes. I believe I did 5 pounds.
Then, parboil them. Parboil means: partially boil! Genius, right? So you boil for a bit, and they'll keep cookin' later.

Next: Chop up some peppers. Any colors that are on sale! And also, some vidalia onions. But I was out of onions, whattaya gunna do.

Hi peppers. You're pretty.

Them grab some loose sausage. Brown that on up! Then place in a bowl to set aside.

Next, throw some EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) in a pan. You want to get the onions and peppers nice and soft, and brown up the potatoes a bit.
So now you have nice and brown "breakfast potatoes", and some browned sausage.

Next, get some nice sharp cheddar cheese. You can use already shredded, but I like to shred my own because ya get more flavor. I usually use my shredder or food processor. But if you're like me, you'll forget that cheese is in the recipe until the last minute, and not feel like getting out your food processor. So you'll just chop it up. I'm all about making life easy. And being forgetful.

Then you'll whisk up some eggs. And by "some", I mean 22 eggs. Yes that's right.
And we do not fear the yolks in this house. Eggs are a superfood, and yolks have most of the nutritional value in the egg. Eggs are fabulous for your body. The whole egg, and nothing but the egg. It's true, go google it.
So anyway, you throw the cheese into eggs. Add some pepper. Salt if you want, but not necessary really. Then you pour the eggs into the already cooked potatoes and sausage, and stir constantly until the eggs are all cooked into the mixture.
Anywho, moving on. Grab lots-o-packages of nice big soft tortillas.

And now I will show you how to wrap a burrito.
Somewhat inadequately, because I was doing it with one hand.
So you put a little scoop of your mixture of delish onto the tortilla.

Then you scoop it in to a nice little bunch, like below. Kind of long, like a hotdog shape.

Then you grab the 2 ends, and fold them in. Pretend both sides are doing the same thing here.

Then, with your thumbs, you roll the flap that is closest to you, around your bunch of goodness, keeping the sides folded in.

And bam! You're done. See the fold on the right there? I learned the art of folding wraps by watching the wrap station at college. Who says I didn't learn anything at school?

Then you make a nice pile. This is half the amount that I made. You can either serve here, wrap them individually and freeze them, or warm them/crisp them in the oven. I like em a little crispy on the outside. YUM.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the Beauty of the Breakfast Burrito. Go forth, make buritos, freeze them, and sleep. In that order. Make a hubby smile today!
Love & Mr. Sandman,
Dirt Road Mama

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