Thursday, January 13, 2011


So I am the mama of an 8 month old little babygirl!! She is so amazing. I love that she has a personality now, and I can predict things that she'll do or how she'll react to things. It's an insane feeling that I have, now that she's 8 months. I am so proud of her, and the things that she is learning and trying each day. But I'm also proud of Hubby and I. After 8 months, she is so happy and so healthy in the home that we've made for her. Seeing her face light up right when Hubby walks in the door, and then seeing her laugh uncontrollably until he comes and kisses her. It's the best feeling in the world.

Here are some of our accomplishments this month:

1. Becoming even more vocal! Now, when I read to her, she will make noises along with me. And just as loud as me, which makes me feel like I have to yell as I read. But then I realized what she was doing, and that she only makes noise when I do, and I thought it was hysterical that she's practicing reading like her mama. So I read. She babbles. She can't even hear me. Let's hope she doesn't do that at school one day. Ha.

2. She moves in her crib. Still not a huge rolling fan, it doesn't interest her much. But she will spin around in all different positions. It's very funny to look in the monitor trying to figure out where her head and feet are.

3. She CLAPS!! She just started this last week. She has been able to grab her feet and clap her feet together, hold toys in her hand she clap them together, but just this week she actually started clapping her hands. It is hilarious. She is so excited when she does it.

4. Ignore the fact that she is leaning in these pictures. It was time for her to breastfeed, and miraculous that she was not grabbing that sign. So rather than adjust her, I snapped photos.

5. She is so close to going up on all fours. Which is close to crawling. Which is close to moving. Which means she will be asking for the keys soon. Help.

6. She is interested in EVERYTHING. Which is when she demonstrates the almost-on-all-fours action. She will reach way further than I ever expect her to in order to reach something she wants. And then from sitting, she'll lean forward and crawl her hands out, until she plops on her belly. So funny how she's trying so hard to get what she wants! I love watching to see what she'll do.

7. She shows so much emotion and excitement when we're doing something she loves. I take out her favorite toy (her Fisher Price Laugh&Learn kitchen), her favorite book (Peek-a-Boo Baby), sing a song that always makes her laugh ("Whip My Hair" by Willow Smith, except we sing "I whip my Rei back and forth"), or play her favorite game (roll the ball to each other), and anyone in the house would be able to tell by her reaction how excited she is.

8. She plays throw & catch! With a ball from our little friend Adeena, I roll it to her, and she will either roll or hurl it back to me! And she is obsessed. She will shriek in delight when I sit in front of her and roll her the ball. It her favorite game.

9. I made her mock-a-mole for lunch yesterday. Mock-a-mole is a take on guacamole, where you add peas in place of some of the avocado to get some veggies in your dip. Yesterday, I wanted her to try avocado, so I mashed up 1/2 of one. Then I added some peas, and made myself laugh that she was having mock-a-mole for lunch. I told her if she didn't like it, mama would have it with some Baked Scoops.

10. She absolutely says "Hi." At the appropriate time for a person to say hi. I will say, "Hiii!" in the same sing-song tone. And then she'll say, "Haaa" in the same tone. Many times, she'll say it without prompting, like when Daddy comes home.

11. She is still obsessed with the changing table. Or really, just having her diaper changed, wher ever we are. She plays with her feet and giggles and babbles. Funny little bean.

12. She is obsessed with shoes. Namely, her Uggs. And she wants to suck on them. She will not cry or even care if I take her favorite toy away from her. But if she rips off her Ugg, and I take it out of her mouth, she flips out. So upset. I calmly explain to her that we do not chew on real suede, and that she'll understand much better when she's a bit older. She'll usually gaze at me strangely as I explain to her about designer footwear, and then she forgets why she was upset because her Sophie is in her hand.

Thank you, God, for blessing our lives with this little piece of heaven. The joy that she brings to our lives is beyond what we could have ever imagined. Anything so perfect could only be from You.

Love & Gratefulness,

dirt road mama

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