Sunday, January 9, 2011


Let us take a quick moment to reflect on pregnancy.
I haven't written about pregnancy in awhile! Mainly, because I'm not pregnant.

Remember when I was pregnant??

Hello, Reilly Beans in there!

What a blissful, euphoric, pain-free time of life.

Ha. Totally kidding about pain-free.
But still, with the pain and vomiting, I want to do it 8 more times.

Yes, I said 8. God made that motherhood gene so crazy and strong.
First: Experience 9 life-changing, nauseous, uncomfortable, miraculous months.
Second: Experience the worst pain ever known to mankind, and the most amazing moment of your life simultaneously.
Third: Swear it will be at least 3 years until you do that to your body again.
Fourth: The next day, baby's first full day of life, forget every ounce of pain you experienced and start thinking about filling your womb again.

How does this happen? Only God could do this, I tell ya. Make the experience so full of love and miracles that all discomfort flees your brain instantly. I love it.

And so, I bring all this up because so many people in my life are pregnant - and it's so amazing! I just want to talk about pregnancy and food cravings with them. And of course, breast feeding. I decided it was time to brush up on my Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Lady.

If you know anyone pregnant, or are pregnant yourself, I suggest you read these things. And then, go forth and converse with those carrying child. And buy them ice cream.


Before I go, I will leave you with an image of Reilly getting ready to go to her First First Birthday party!
Happy Birthday, Greg! We love being your friend!

Love & Continuously Fascinated by God's Miracles,

Dirt Road Mama

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