Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It's our second snow day in a row with Daddy!!

We're doing a lot of snuggling! In our household, we are not the kind of teachers who get all huffy when we get "too many snow days". That phrase just doesn't exist. We will eventually get out of school in the Spring, no matter how many snow days we have. They can't keep ya till July. But during these dog days of winter, when white and ice seems to paralyze us to our houses some days, that snow day phone call is just what we need to make us all giddy and excited!
So yes, we will always love a snow day. And no, we do not understand the grumps who may say otherwise. Maybe it's the kid in us. Maybe it's because yesterday, we had margaritas as noon and chocolate thick shakes for dessert. Wa-hoo. Bring it on Mama Nature.
Love & 5 am phone calls,
DR Mama

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