Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

We love the seasons over here in this house. Some more than others (*cough cough* SUMMER), but there are things about every season that is so magical. Swims and picnics in the summer, pumpkin picking and brisk walks in the autumn, gardening and waterfalls coming back to life in the spring, and in the winter...

We have SNOW DAYS.

Being that Hubby and myself are teachers, the magic of the childhood "snow day" lives in our house forever. It is a glorious feeling that fills our four walls. Beginning with the early morning phone call, followed by the blanketing of everything in glistening white.

Oh, the glory of being snowed in together!

And the best part, this year, was that we taught Reilly how to play in the snow.

She loved it! Look at her little froggie pajamas under there. We layered pajamas over pajamas under her snow suit. It was so much fun.

My shnuggly girl and I. I love her being all bundley!

Oh, hi! How do you like the snow day, baby?!

We played Scrabble and made hot cocoa and had soup for dinner.

And that's not even the best part.

The best part is...

another storm's a-comin' our way!

Love & Inside-Out-Pajamas,

Dirt Road Mama


  1. OH MY GOODNESS our girls have the same hat!!! They're going to be bffls!!!

  2. wow! she is growing up fast! and more beautiful everyday! Love the snow suit! :)
    best wishes always...