Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Fun!

We opened presents..

She chews on bows...
She then chews on her new presents...
She got Uggs from her crazy Auntie Mimi and Uncle E...
She watched football with Poppy...
It was family fun, all around! We want to get her a onesie that says "Life of the Party", because that's pretty much what she is everywhere she goes. Some people look forward to time that they get to spend away from their kids. And I am all for date nights here and there, don't get me wrong... but Hubby and I just love having baby hanging with us! She's our BFF, why would we want her anywhere else but by our side? Nothing is better than that smile!

It was a fun, smiley, relaxing, wonderful Christmas.

Thank you Jesus for all of your blessings, we are grateful today and always.

Love & Smiles,

Dirt Road Mama

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