Wednesday, February 29, 2012

36 Week Update!

Disclaimer:  This post is about pregnancy.  Therefore, pregnancy words will be used.  Proceed with caution.  Words that will be used include: internal, effacement, dilation, and baby. 

This is my most exciting doctor appointment update thus far!  I was super excited/anxious to see what my ultrasound was going to show (since baby was measuring big) and to see what the doctor said (since it was first internal this trimester).

This ultrasound had baby super low, head way down and facing back in perfect position!  Also, baby's growth has slowed down and is now right in the perfect normal range.  They said that baby's growth spurt just happened super early, and now it has fallen back where it should be.  Still measuring ahead - now the whole body and head is measuring evenly at around 38 weeks, at around 7 lbs. (which could be very inaccurate, just a ballpark).  But that was such great news!  Always better to be able to go naturally and not have to think about possible induction, so what a relief.

Also great news, I am already 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced!!  I made have cursed when he told me this.  I was the same way with Reilly - 2 cm dilated for about 2 weeks before delivery.  But the effacement is definitely higher than I was with Reilly at 36 who knows!  I am very thankful that I am progressing well, and similarly to how I did the first time.  I like that at least something about this whole labor experience could be somewhat predictable!  The fact that these signs are the same, will hopefully mean that my body will labor similarly and deliver this baby nice and easily. We can only pray!

Sidenote: My labor with Reilly was an "easy labor"...some people think this means "pain free".  Not the case. It was easy in that she came fast and furiously, and her head came out without any pushing.  However, I had no epidural, not an ounce of any medication, and felt every single contraction/tear/rip/burn that occurs when a human emerges from another human.  I was vomiting and doubled over in the worst pain of my life.  It is the strangest feeling to be insanely excited for such an event to occur again in your life...and thus is the miracle of life!  I'm hoping this time it will be "easier" to handle the pain, because I know the wonderful outcome?  Wishful thinking?  Okay, that's all.  Waiting continues!

Meanwhile, this one is ready to be a big sister!  


  1. Wow... you're blessed to be at 2 cm dilated already... it took me 29 hours of induction to get to that!

  2. Please tell me that your next post will be about the exciting arrival... I'm dying to hear it and living vicariously through you!! :)