Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reilly Reading!

 Well, kind of reading.  She climbs up in my chair, whether I'm in the room with her or not.  She LOVES the book "I Love You Stinky Face", (she calls it "But Mama" because of a repeated phrase by the little boy in the book) and she will flip through the pages and talk about the pictures.  She say "But Mama, but Mama, big scary monkey!!" or "But Mama, but Mama, I love you stinky face!"

It's pretty much my favorite thing.  I have had a reading obsession since I was about her age, that has never let up.  I have always loved reading, and made time for it no matter how old I was.  I love seeing her starting so early, and being so proud of herself.

 She has moved on to other books too, always favorites that we have read multiple times.  I showed her how to look at the picture to see what was happening as a clue, so now she will flip to a page, look at the picture, and make up a sentence about it.

This is my favorite, because this is the face she makes after she "reads" a page.  She will look down at the pages like she really reading, then look up at me with this giant smile like it was the greatest accomplishment in the world.

Which, let's be honest, to Mama, it pretty much is. :)

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