Wednesday, February 8, 2012

7 weeks to go?!

I am apparently carrying a baby who was 5 pounds a week ago.  And people are still telling me that you can "hardly tell" that I'm pregnant.  Do you know what that means?  There is a five pound baby squeezed into the tiniest space ever, leaving me constantly peeing, not wanting to eat literally at all, and with such aches that I feel barely mobile.

I have "7 weeks" to go, which could means 5 weeks since the baby is measuring ahead.  I really don't care when I go, as long as it's not too soon.  Baby's lungs need to get nice and healthy in there.  But I feel like I'm in my ninth month, in every way.

And I just can't seem to say no to my little babygirl when she asks me to sit on the floor with her all day, no matter how sore I am.  She's just too sweet, and she says please, and then I melt.

In other news, I think I say "Umm.." a lot, because Reilly says it all the time.  I'll ask her what she wants for lunch, and she'll say "Umm...apples?"  It's pretty hilarious.  If it's a big decision, she'll tap her chin and say "Hmm..." before she answers my question.  I have learned that if I notice a little quirk that she picks up, it must mean I do it since she is pretty much mini me.

Also, the new crib is up!  Did I mention that we got a totally free brand new one, since Reilly's broke?  They totally replaced it when I sent pictures of the damage.  And, we were able to get Reilly's repaired better than new.  Talk about blessings - new cribs dropping from the sky, taking that expense off our minds!

That's all for right now, I'm heading to bed to try and get comfortable with the baby making itself comfy in there!  I get to see my little love muffin again on Valentine's Day!  Can't wait to see it's growth!

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