Monday, February 27, 2012

My 35 Week Belly!

I love taking belly pictures toward the end of my pregnancy, because looking back on how big and different my body becomes is so fun for me to do later on.  Even though right now it seems so natural that this has become my body, in a few short months I will look back and not be able to believe how big I was.  And even though I may not "look big" I have gained 30 pounds ALL in that little belly, which is a whole lot to more to carry around these days!  Especially when my first baby wants to be "up" all the time too, and I have to fit them both up front there somewhere.

I love my little bean!  It's been causing me intense pain lately in my ribs, which make it hard to do much of anything when the paint comes, but I just keep looks at my sono pics and melting.  Makes it a lot easier to deal with the pain while looking at that face!  I'm thinking of bringing the pics to the hospital to concentrate on while I'm in labor. 

Tomorrow I'll be 36 weeks, and I have another sonogram to see how baby is growing, as well as an appointment with my doctor.  First of my one week appointments!  So excited to see how baby is doing.

We're all packed.  We're all ready.  Everything is set for baby to arrive.  I had a lot of help last week from my family, which I am so grateful for!  Because now I have a peaceful feeling of waiting and excitement.  I threw away my "things to do before baby arrives" checklist, because everything got done!  Such a blessing.  Now, we wonder and wait.  When will baby come?  How will baby arrive?  Will baby be a boy or a girl (or a puppy, as Reilly still predicts)?  So many questions, the answers to which will come quite soon!  This is the best kind of excitement!


  1. You're stunning!
    I can't believe how perfectly perfect your belly is!! And that the rest of your body looks completely not-pregnant!!

    So excited for you.
    And, I too, am unbelievably excited about labor again- and not because it didn't hurt (Lord knows that's so far from the truth) but because it was the most amazing few hours of my life! I completely understand what you mean when you say that!!

  2. Hi Kate,
    I hope you won't mind me telling you just how much I LOVE your pregnant belly pics.You have an AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL belly and I can't believe that you don't have tons of comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!