Friday, February 17, 2012

Nursery Decor

Since finding out about new baby, I decided to change the nursery decor a little bit.  The colors were green, brown, and cream.  I was getting bored, and wanted something a little more for both kiddies, and not so infant-y.

So I repainted some frames that were in Reilly's room to start.  I painted the whole frame white, and then used an old sponge as a "stamp" by cutting it into a circle and using different paint colors.

 I wanted lots of different colors, but obviously that could be for both boy and girl.  So I used navy blue, a bumble gum pink, teal, apple green, yellow, and purple.

I love how they came out!  They have been a good starting point for the rest of the projects I'm planning. 

Here is Reilly looking pensive while playing dress-up in our winter hats.  The best part about this picture is that it's not really candid...I knelt right in front of her and she was looking at me, then took a sip of her juice, and then stared to the side like she was posing.  Little ham. :)

More nursery to come!

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