Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Paintings for Baby (and one for me!)

Recently, a friend of mine had asked about some nursery art that she wanted for her baby boy's room.  She had been looking for something specific, but couldn't find what she wanted, so she contacted me and we came up with a design together!  These are two songs that she always sings to him, on 11x14 canvases.

 This one was special for me to make because I have sang this to Reilly since she was in the womb, and now she sings it along with me at night.

 This one I love, because she had me change the lyrics to "Root Root Root for the Yankees"!  I made it kind of classic-looking, so it could grow with him.  This is something that I don't think he would think twice about keeping in his room as he becomes a teenager, and it will have such special memories for his mommy.

I was on such a canvas kick, that I whipped one up for our house.  With our baby coming right around St. Patty's Day (we think?) and with it's name being so Irish, I needed something else green to decorate our house.  So I made a whimsical painting that reflects our family a little bit - Guiness for Daddy, of course.  The phrase "Life of Riley" means "living the good life", so I changed the spelling of Riley for our girl.  "Lucky Charm" is actually there for the cereal, because it's my guilty pleasure that I have about once a year. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I've been working on!

If you ever want to order something, feel free to email me  Paintings ship easily!

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  1. I still predict March 12, tho St. Patty's Day is cool too ;)