Thursday, February 9, 2012


I will be posting an actual birthday update post, seeing as there have been many celebrations! Namely, a surprise party that had me stupefied in utter shock, dinner tonight with my besties, and my parents visiting this weekend. But for now, (via iPad, sorry no pictures!) I want to talk about my new birthday view. It started when Reilly was born, and is stronger now as I sit here with a massive belly and just weeks away from delivery. A normal twenty-something's view on their birthday: WOO! It's my birthday! Buy me a drink! Let's go out and party! My current view of my birthday: WOO! It's my birthday! Wow, birth. Twenty five years ago today, was the day that my mom and dad had been waiting, preparing, worrying and hoping for. The day that they were wondering about, and dreaming of what their baby Melissa would be like as a sister. That was today. I am that baby. I think it's normal to have an 'oh my goodness I am twenty-five' moment. But probably not so normal to have an 'oh my goodness I am about to birth my second baby, and I was my parents second baby' moment. I hope our second baby is as awesome as theirs was...ha! Kidding. Okay I need to stop typing because I need to try and get baby out of my ribs. I love my birthday!! :)

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