Thursday, February 16, 2012

Painting for my Valentine

 I love this song, ("Arms" by Christine Perri), and it reminded me of Hubby and how happy it makes me to be in his arms.  So I painted this for our bedroom and surprised him for Valentine's Day. I used different shades of blue and browns and taupes, to match our room.  The photograph does not portray the colors well...the lighter blue words are not actually hard to read even though they look like they are.  And the word "around" doesn't stand out as much as it looks like it would bug me to stare at that every day if that were the case.

I added a white stripes down the side, and some stripes on the bottom to go with our bedroom decor.  It's a touch nautical, so I wanted to reflect that in the painting.

Just thought I'd share what I've been painting lately!

Now I must run and do things such as: 
- paint some more
- bring some clothes that Reilly has grown out of downstairs and find their respective bins according to size to make room in the closet for new baby (doesn't that sound really exciting?)
- throw in more laundry
- pray that Reilly decides to nap, because right now she's in her crib asking me what I'm doing
- clean various parts of my home that are on a psychotic list I made of things to clean before the baby comes. Like my freezer. And ceiling fans.

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